Politic Science – International relations

– B. Sc. Politic Science, Distance (Payam Noor) University of Iran, Mahdasht- Karaj; 2013-2017 

– M. Sc. International Relations, Mazandaran University of Iran; 2018-2020.                                

Master Dissertation: Development of Iran-Germany relations and its effect on EU foreign policy towards Iran. 

I declared a Model in Foreign Policy of Iran:

Germany and German Region

such that German Region are Austria and Swiss.

In this model I approved that extending relations with Germany and German Region in so essential for Iran in Economic and Political issues which will be so helpful for enhancing Economic and Political situation of Iran in MiddleEast and International System.

I explained about this model in my paper in Journal of International Relations Research, Gilan University:

Germany’s role in future cooperation between Iran and the European Union.

 There are two approaches in Iran’s Foreign Relation Policy:

1- Looking to the East (Russia and China)

2- Looking to the West (America, Britain and Europa)

I presented a new model in line with Iran’s foreign approaches called Germany and the German Region (Austria + Switzerland)

Given the position of Germany and the German region (Austria + Switzerland) in the fields of education, trade and economy, then expansion of Iran’s relations with these countries will improve Iran’s economic and political position in the Middle East.

Given Germany’s economic and political position in the European Union and the international system, Iran’s cooperation with Germany and the German Region will increase Iran’s relations with the European Union, which will inevitably increase Iran’s economic and political position in the Middle East and International system. It proves the high importance of the German model and the German Region in Iran’s new Foreign Approaches.

In this regard, I also presented solutions to expand Iran’s relations with Germany and the German region, including:

1- Teaching German in the Iranian educational system, 

which is so important to develope education system of Irana and it is so helpful to enhance relations between Iran and Germany and  German Region, which these countries are famous as DACH. 

2- Using FountainPen from Third primary school of Iran same as German Education Syatem in some German states. For more detail see this page: FoutainPen

I proved that, this cause to enhance educational and cultural relations between Iran and Germany.

3. It is proposed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to abolish the visas of German professors, academics, researchers and investors and the German Region to Iran for three months or even a year without the need for a visa.

 Due to the educational, research, commercial and economic status of Germany and the German Region, Iran should provide situation to invest in industrial, commercial and economic areas with these countries, which will lead to Iran’s self-sufficiency in the production of basic goods. 

In the future, It will greatly increase Iran’s Economic and Political situation in the Middle East and International System.